Controlling Fleas

Human Flea Bites: Symptoms And How To Treat Fleas

Fleas are tiny, wingless insect bites pets and sometimes human. Their bites cause itchy and painful. It looks like little red bumps in skin getting rid of its pain is hard. Natural home remedies can be done to reduce pain or sometimes pest control treatment is required. Flea bites in human occur around waists, armpit, elbows, ankles and legs.

Symptoms Of Human Flea Bite

The flea bite in human exhibit several symptoms. They are very itchy, and skin around the bite becomes swell and painful. You can see 5 to 6 tiny red bumps in a single spot, and the skin becomes more reddish. It develops a rash around the bite. You feel to scratch, and you must avoid scratching the area because the bacterial infection can develop.

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Where Fleas Live In House

If you have four legged furry friend in your home then definitely fleas will be around your pet.  Fleas prefer to live on pets and sometimes if the population grows it is found everywhere in your house like beds, cushion, and your clothes. Insects reside in your home even if you don’t have pets around you. It will be coming from the yard or somewhere else. If you find large number fleas in your home, you may contact pest control experts.

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How To Treat Fleas In Home

Flea bites will go away without any treatment, but if you found a large number of insects and need to get rid of bits, you need to stop fleas. Your home will need to treat with pesticides to kill the bugs. In the case of more insects, only professionals can clear it. You must not enter into the house of about 2 hours after treatment has been deployed it may sometimes harm your health.

Home Remedies

How To Get Rid Of Fleas On Humans

Fleas quickly won’t attack humans unless you have pets in your home. Bugs attacks pets faster and when the population grows is it seen everywhere in your house. As female fleas lay hundreds of eggs, the population quickly gets increased. Here are some tips to get rid of fleas on humans

Strip Your Beds

Strip off your bed throughout and vacuum your bed thoroughly. Push the vacuum nozzle as mush as you can in your curtains, beds, and mates. Try to extract tiny buds, larvae, and small eggs from your bed clothing. Repeat the process daily until when you do not find any bugs in your home.

Keep Clothing Clean

Keep your clothing clean wherever you have. Once you find bugs started to fill your house remove all clothing from bed, blankets, curtains, cushions. Wash those clothes in warm water with baking soda and rinse in antibacterial liquids. Keep your area clean where you sleep so that you can get rid of flea bites during night. The bug bite in human cause more irritation and painful.

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Wash Yourself

It is important to keep yourself clean because it sometimes resides in your hair and dress. So wash your hair daily until the flea problem disappears from your home. Bugs may lay eggs in your hair, and if you don’t remove it earlier, you will be in trouble. Apply antibacterial oils or shampoo for your hair, so it is less chance for bugs to reside in hair.

Keep Pets Area Clean

Pets are the main reason why fleas come. So it is essential to wash your pet regularly and clean the area where your pet stays. Use little pesticides to clean the place on your pet so that bugs don’t come again. Flea bites on pets are also more danger, and your pet quickly falls ill so keep your home and pets clean so that flea don’t attack you both.

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Home Remedies

Home Remedies For Human Flea Bites

Humans are not in the list of fleas, but if you have a pet definitely at some point, you will experience a flea bite. The small tiny, wingless creature troubles human by biting and cause small, hard, red, slightly raised itching spot with no swelling. People reacts for the bit by scratching it and leads to bleeding of blood, but you should not do that. There are some home remedies to be treated for human flea bites.

 Cold Pack

The Human Flea bites are itchy and painful. Excessive scratching in the spot damages the skin and leads to infection. Apply a cold pack to the area of the wound, which helps to stop itching and reduce pain. The cold temperature helps in soothing itching sensation and reduce swelling.

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  • Clean the bitten area with warm Dettol water
  • Wrap few ice cubes in thick cloth
  • Apply ice pack in the area for 2 to 3 minutes
  • Repeat the process for about 10 – 15 minutes per day

Baking Soda

Baking soda being a natural acid neutralizer provides instant relief from pain and itching. It also reduces swelling and risk of infection.

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  • Mix 1 cup of baking soda with water and apply the paste to the affected area. Leave this for 5 to 10 min then rinse it off with cold water. Do this 1 or 2 times per day.
  • Alternatively, add 1 cup of baking soda in the bathtub and rinse the area well for about 10 min. It soothes the pain.

Aloe Vera

Aloe vera has much medicinal property, and one among them is it relieves the pain. The anti-inflammatory property in aloe vera reduces itching and swelling.

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  • Cut the small piece of aloe vera leaf and extract gel
  • Rub the gel gently in the area affected
  • Leave the gel for about 15 min and rinse with lukewarm water
  • Repeat the process 2 or 3 times per day.
Tips & Tricks

Helpful Tips For Combating Fleas!!!

Fleas are a nasty tiny wingless creature which troubles cats, dogs, and humans a lot. They leave your pets scratching, biting and sometimes leads to wound. Their population quickly grows since one female bug lays upto 100 eggs per day and eat upto ten times their body weight. The large infestations can easily cause anemia to your pets. Human flea bite looks like small red bumps which cause more irritation and painful. Here are some helpful tips for combating insects.

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 Tips To Combat Fleas

The flea treatment plan has different ways to get rid of fleas your pet already has, reduce infestation and treat the bites and skin irritations. Here are some tips that can help

  • Add garlic to your pet’s food. Fleas don’t like the smell of garlic and try to run off.
  • Treat the area where your pet sleeps with fleas repellent. Many sprays available in the market and get the right product and spray it around your pet area.
  • Cedar chips are an excellent flea repellent, and it can also work well in your yards. Also, put some chips under your pet’s bed so that fleas never come near.
  • You can also use natural repellent to help your pet to get rid of fleas. Apply lemon oil and citronella around your pet’s neck so that it does not reside around the neck.
  • Use mild shampoo for your pets. Flea shampoo or antibacterial shampoo which will reduce itching. Fleas like to live more in ears and neck so clean that area with care.
  • Vacuum your house often until the problem of insect disappears from your home.
  • Feed your pet with natural home cooked food because pet foods won’t have any nutritious to fight against fleas.
  • Wash all your clothes, blankets, curtains with antibacterial detergent. Clean your house regularly so that bugs cannot reside in any of the places.
Controlling Fleas

Controlling And Preventing Fleas

Fleas are a nasty little wingless creature which troubles people and pets a lot. There are different types of insects, and it quickly increases its population. Bugs quickly spread the plague. The epidemic diseases is still a problem in southwestern united states it spreads rapidly from region to region.

 Causes Of Flea

Fleas are about to create more than 60% of allergens in particular environment. Humans are allergic to bug bites, but pets are even more. It causes itching sensation for both people and pets. Severe infection occurs of you and your pet strat to scratch the area and this cause bleeding and infection. Fleas can transmit parasites especially tapeworms for this reason flea control is essential. The flea has a larger developing cycle, so you need to stop all stage of cycling.

Adult Fleas

Adult fleas are fragile and have large hind legs and have a capability to jump and draws blood hugely from its host. Adult fleas lay upto 50 eggs per day on its host. It may stay on the same host unless dislodged from that place and start to spread everywhere.

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Eggs may hatch in 2 – 6 days. The larvae are negatively phototactic and avoid sunlight, so it is widely found under cushion, furniture, blankets and dark areas. So it is mandatory to clean each and every place to prevent massive population.

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Larvae form their cocoons by secreting a sticky substance from their body. Then they start to look for a meal and immediately start to suck blood from humans.

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Prevention Methods

Preventing and controlling fleas are an easy task, and there are many products on the market to control bugs. There is a once a month pill available for pets which control toxins and baths in chemicals will eliminate bugs from domestic animals.

Flea prevention from your home is easy. Prevention includes spraying your home with chemical substances and treating your yard with insecticides

If you found a large number of fleas in your home, you may consult professional bug detectors to eliminate fleas.