Controlling Fleas

Controlling And Preventing Fleas

Fleas are a nasty little wingless creature which troubles people and pets a lot. There are different types of insects, and it quickly increases its population. Bugs quickly spread the plague. The epidemic diseases is still a problem in southwestern united states it spreads rapidly from region to region.

 Causes Of Flea

Fleas are about to create more than 60% of allergens in particular environment. Humans are allergic to bug bites, but pets are even more. It causes itching sensation for both people and pets. Severe infection occurs of you and your pet strat to scratch the area and this cause bleeding and infection. Fleas can transmit parasites especially tapeworms for this reason flea control is essential. The flea has a larger developing cycle, so you need to stop all stage of cycling.

Adult Fleas

Adult fleas are fragile and have large hind legs and have a capability to jump and draws blood hugely from its host. Adult fleas lay upto 50 eggs per day on its host. It may stay on the same host unless dislodged from that place and start to spread everywhere.

Controlling And Preventing Fleas 1


Eggs may hatch in 2 – 6 days. The larvae are negatively phototactic and avoid sunlight, so it is widely found under cushion, furniture, blankets and dark areas. So it is mandatory to clean each and every place to prevent massive population.

Controlling And Preventing Fleas 2


Larvae form their cocoons by secreting a sticky substance from their body. Then they start to look for a meal and immediately start to suck blood from humans.

Controlling And Preventing Fleas 3

Prevention Methods

Preventing and controlling fleas are an easy task, and there are many products on the market to control bugs. There is a once a month pill available for pets which control toxins and baths in chemicals will eliminate bugs from domestic animals.

Flea prevention from your home is easy. Prevention includes spraying your home with chemical substances and treating your yard with insecticides

If you found a large number of fleas in your home, you may consult professional bug detectors to eliminate fleas.


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