Controlling Fleas

Human Flea Bites: Symptoms And How To Treat Fleas

Fleas are tiny, wingless insect bites pets and sometimes human. Their bites cause itchy and painful. It looks like little red bumps in skin getting rid of its pain is hard. Natural home remedies can be done to reduce pain or sometimes pest control treatment is required. Flea bites in human occur around waists, armpit, elbows, ankles and legs.

Symptoms Of Human Flea Bite

The flea bite in human exhibit several symptoms. They are very itchy, and skin around the bite becomes swell and painful. You can see 5 to 6 tiny red bumps in a single spot, and the skin becomes more reddish. It develops a rash around the bite. You feel to scratch, and you must avoid scratching the area because the bacterial infection can develop.

Human Flea Bites Symptoms And How To Treat Fleas 2

Where Fleas Live In House

If you have four legged furry friend in your home then definitely fleas will be around your pet.  Fleas prefer to live on pets and sometimes if the population grows it is found everywhere in your house like beds, cushion, and your clothes. Insects reside in your home even if you don’t have pets around you. It will be coming from the yard or somewhere else. If you find large number fleas in your home, you may contact pest control experts.

Human Flea Bites Symptoms And How To Treat leas 1

How To Treat Fleas In Home

Flea bites will go away without any treatment, but if you found a large number of insects and need to get rid of bits, you need to stop fleas. Your home will need to treat with pesticides to kill the bugs. In the case of more insects, only professionals can clear it. You must not enter into the house of about 2 hours after treatment has been deployed it may sometimes harm your health.


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