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Helpful Tips For Combating Fleas!!!

Fleas are a nasty tiny wingless creature which troubles cats, dogs, and humans a lot. They leave your pets scratching, biting and sometimes leads to wound. Their population quickly grows since one female bug lays upto 100 eggs per day and eat upto ten times their body weight. The large infestations can easily cause anemia to your pets. Human flea bite looks like small red bumps which cause more irritation and painful. Here are some helpful tips for combating insects.

Helpful Tips For Combating Fleas 1

 Tips To Combat Fleas

The flea treatment plan has different ways to get rid of fleas your pet already has, reduce infestation and treat the bites and skin irritations. Here are some tips that can help

  • Add garlic to your pet’s food. Fleas don’t like the smell of garlic and try to run off.
  • Treat the area where your pet sleeps with fleas repellent. Many sprays available in the market and get the right product and spray it around your pet area.
  • Cedar chips are an excellent flea repellent, and it can also work well in your yards. Also, put some chips under your pet’s bed so that fleas never come near.
  • You can also use natural repellent to help your pet to get rid of fleas. Apply lemon oil and citronella around your pet’s neck so that it does not reside around the neck.
  • Use mild shampoo for your pets. Flea shampoo or antibacterial shampoo which will reduce itching. Fleas like to live more in ears and neck so clean that area with care.
  • Vacuum your house often until the problem of insect disappears from your home.
  • Feed your pet with natural home cooked food because pet foods won’t have any nutritious to fight against fleas.
  • Wash all your clothes, blankets, curtains with antibacterial detergent. Clean your house regularly so that bugs cannot reside in any of the places.